Cocktail list development

The Cocktail Academy aims to set the standards for classic-style cocktails. Our cocktail repertoire is a product of dedicated (and geeky) research and development, while using the best spirits, produce, and techniques at our disposal. That being said we aim to offer a truly bespoke (yeah we hate that word too..) solution for our customers.

Product selection

Wading your way through the 7 million new boutique gins that were realised today can be a daunting task, so we take that job and make sure you have everything you will need in your premium cocktail cannon.

Barware and equipment

There is only one area that releases more items than the boutique gin industry and that’s the barware industry!

Don’t worry though, we will cut through the tidal wave of shakers, strainers and shiny doohickys and deliver you an efficient bar setup.

Efficient bar design

A fast bartender is a profitable bartender. Help your bar superstars to help you make money!

Through our many years of breaking, spilling, dropping and smashing stuff we have honed many techniques that will save your people some valuable time on their shift. We don’t think that a cocktail should take the same time as earth takes to orbit the sun.

Staff training

We will help you train and mentor your tiny little seeds into huge skillful cocktail slinging masters… (too dramatic?). You get the idea, we will work alongside your biggest assets to get your cocktail program firing on all cylinders.