Here’s the perfect solution if you want to make more money from your cocktail offering.

Do you want to increase your turnover by offering an amazing cocktail menu that is sure to get your customers handing over that hard earned cash with pleasure?
Well, we know exactly how to do that…. Its kind of our thing!
Here is what we can help you with…


Cocktail List Development
Do you want to have to stay ahead of your competitors by having the most impressive cocktail offering in your area?
We use years of continuous research, training and development to give you the most effective cocktail list for your business. Let The Cocktail Academy do all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on driving your business forward, which will ensure you thrive and not just survive in these tricky times.
A new cocktail list will allow you to increase your current offering attracting that lucrative cocktail customer that doesn’t mind spending a little extra for quality. Who doesn’t like more ££ on that bottom line?

Product Selection
who needs another dusty bottle on the back bar? Not you!
We use our vast experience as well as staying on top of cocktail trends and new product releases to ensure you get the most profitable cocktail list available (gotta look after those profit margins!), so you can spend less time focusing on what new gin to add to your martini and more time focusing on what matters…the customer!

Barware and Equipment
There is only one area that releases more products than the boutique gin industry and that’s the barware industry!
Don’t worry though, we will cut through the tidal wave of shakers, strainers and jiggers to deliver you a cost-effective setup that relies on a few tried and tested pieces of equipment that will serve you well. So that’s less time for you drudging through online suppliers looking for the right bit of kit, meaning more time to sell those drinks!

Bar Design
We don’t think that making a cocktail should take the same time as earth takes to orbit the sun.
A fast bartender is a profitable bartender. We will help your biggest assets (your awesome staff) make more cocktails in less time and you know what that means right? More profit!
Through our many years of breaking, spilling, dropping and smashing stuff we have honed many techniques that will save your people some valuable time (time = money) on their shift. We will help find the best bar layout to allow you to maximise your cocktail volume. That means more happy customers with a cocktail in their hand….

Staff Training
The jewel in any business’s crown is its staff and this is most true in the hospitality industry. We know what it takes to deliver world class cocktails consistently on every shift. It doesn’t happen by chance, luck or magic…. It takes training, knowledge and a lot of experience.
But you don’t need to worry about that, The Cocktail Academy have you covered! We will get your bar superstars to the point where they are slinging high end cocktails without a second thought.

How will your business benefit from The Cocktail Academy’s staff training?

• Less wastage from incorrectly prepared drinks, spillage and comped drinks = less money wasted
• Laser focused cocktail specific training with measurable results = Less money spent on continuous generic staff training
• More drinks served in less time = higher turnover
• Better staff retention – staff that enjoy their work and are learning stick around
• Better staff tips = happier staff.
• Effective hygiene and safety standards = No worries about the safety of house-made ingredients.

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